Do Not Your Workers Abandon You? Improve Your Labor Relations

A big count of studies have been carried out over the last 30 years related to labor relations, these have identified three types of workers:

Engaged Employees: They work with passion and feel a deep connection with their company. They promote innovation and advance the organization.

De-Linked Employees: they are “unprotected.” They go sleepwalking during their work day, devoting time, but not energy or passion, to anything they do.

Employees Actively Disconnected: not only are they unhappy at work; They are busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their committed workmates achieve.

But, as the data reveal, only 30% of workers are really “committed,” and this is due to the deterioration in labor relations between them and their bosses.

The more disconnected these workers feel, the higher their willingness to work. 56% of the “non-committed employees” and 73% of the employees “actively disconnected,” according to the data of the aforementioned studies, are looking for work or looking for opportunities. How can this affect you? Currently, all of them work for your organization.

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