The Team

Alex Denim

As a born entrepreneur, innovation, doing new things, personal and professional development is what moves my world. Staying up, staying, is not a solution. You have to play with the changes, with the new times, with the difficulties and turn them into opportunities and only in this way, we will be able to keep growing.

I am passionate about being able to put at the service of the business community my analytical capacity and study points of improvement to achieve the objectives pursued, because as Steve Jobs said, "Things do not have to change the world to be important."


If you want your dreams to be fulfilled, you should look out at your shadow areas and release them. The main obstacle we find when it comes to achieving our vital purposes is ourselves. You must also learn to desire, concentrating your energy in a real possibility that vibrates with your essence. When you release stagnant energy in the past and activate the strands of time you want to travel in the future, the entire universe is synchronized to facilitate your aspirations materialize. Writer. Trainer, coach, and therapist. Director of the School of Personal Development